Jimmy Fallon's reaction to Karl Stefanovic's attempt at the WORLDS hottest chilli pie

Today show host Karl Stefanovic has again landed in the global spotlight, after a prank involving a hot pie was played on a popular US talk show.

US talk show host Jimmy Fallon aired footage of a sweaty Stefanovic struggling to keep down the "world's hottest meat pie" in the opening monologue of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon yesterday.

"The hosts of an Australian morning show challenged themselves to eat the world's hottest meat pie," Fallon told the audience.

"These things must be spicy I guess."

The clip showed Stevanovic's reaction shortly after taking his first bite of the chilli-encrusted pastry.

The footage, filmed last Wednesday, shows a red-eyed Stefanovic holding the pie as he breathes deeply with his mouth ajar and sweat dotting his brow.

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