Karl Stefanovic eats the WORLD's hottest chilli pie on The Today Show

THE "Flaming Ron" - the world's hottest chilli pie - has claimed another victim after Today show co-host Ben Fordham got one over serial prankster Karl Stefanovic.

The pair lined up to eat the world's hottest pie from Ron Bruns' Bremen Patisserie live on air this morning but Fordham switched his for a normal meat pie leaving Stefanovic not only red-faced but "seriously crook" according to Channel Nine sources.

The Daily Telegraph understands Stefanovic went into the challenge - that levelled this reporter earlier in the week - full of bravado after tackling America's hottest curry last year.

Stefanovic dug into the Flaming Ron joking "I've got nothing" and "it's a really nice pie" but the longer the segment continued, the worse he looked.

Fordham meanwhile kept up the rouse saying "it's got a bit of stick" before walking away from the bench, appearing to be struggling with the pie's intensity.

After the show, according to sources, Stefanovic ended up vomiting wildly in the studio's bathrooms before lying down on a couch in one of Nine's offices.​​

"He was going to go to the gym but he's gone home," the source said.

"Put it this way, he was seriously crook."

The stitch up followed a prank last week in which Stefanovic high-jacked the autocue of stand-in news reader Roz Kelly moments before her update.

As the sports reporter wound up her report on football team Chelsea's victory in the Europa Cup in Amsterdam she finished in classic Anchorman-like fashion with "how good are the cookies there?".

It left Stefanovic and co-host Lisa Wilkinson in stitches as it dawned on the news reader what she'd said.

She vowed to get him back declaring "the war has just begun" and in a bid to out-shame the TV prankster aired an old clip of him on Nine's Dancing on Ice the next day.

The prank went down in flames when the unflappable Stefanovic wasn't the least embarrassed and started praising his ice-skating abilities and fashion choice.

Fordham took to Twitter to confess his part in this morning's prank.

"Old mate @karlstefanovic is not happy I rigged the chilli pie challenge," he posted.

Stefanovic replied: "One of us ate the worlds hottest pie and one of us didn't" before posting a picture of a smiling Fordham and himself looking worse for wear.

Article by RICHARD NOONE on www.news.com.au

Picture source from: Today Show co-host Karl Stefanovic posted this pic on his Twitter account after he was pranked by fellow host Ben Fordham. Picture: Twitter Source: Twitter

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